Contract Pricing Structure

The aim of our pricing structure is to be ‘open’ and more importantly ‘simple’.

Our pricing structure is based on two criteria; the number of employees within your business and the agreed length of time of our relationship.

Below are the options in which our services are available to you on retainer; effectively, allowing you all the benefits of having your own in-house HR department, on speed dial and at a fraction of the cost – anything and everything ‘HR’, we will handle for you freeing up your time to do other things. The pricing has been calculated to provide you with unparalleled outsourced HR support tailored to your individual business size.

Our pricing is clear, concise, and competitive with no set-up fees. (Please note, the below pricing does not include our ‘Additional Services’).

(If you represent a charity, a franchise, a borough/city council or you are part of a trade / professional / membership association then please call or email us for our bespoke pricing)

Number of Employees 36 Month Agreement 24 Month Agreement 12 Month Agreement
0-5 £39.50 £49.50 £59.50
6-10 £59.50 £69.50 £79.50
11-15 £79.50 £89.50 £99.50
16-30 £89.50 £99.50 £119.50
31-50 £99.50 £109.50 £139.50
51-100 £119.50 £149.50 £179.50
100+ Call Call Call

Alternatively, should you prefer to pay annually, you will benefit from a 10% discount.

The above rates are a reduction on our standard consultancy fee rate in recognition of the longer term relationship involved in an outsourced service. In order for the work delivered to be spread out and carefully managed, payment is based on an agreed low monthly fee.

We recognise that HR requirements are unique for every business, so the the exact composition of the HR support will be tailored specifically to your level of need.