Let us make your life Simpl3

As a business owner or Director, you have enough to do without having to jump through the hoops required to be a good and compliant employer in HR, Employment Law and Health Safety.

Now imagine you had the luxury of forgetting all about it, imagine not having to draft another contract or worry that the one you use is doing it’s job of protecting your interests, draft or update your Staff Handbook or even look up how to respond to or manage a grievance! Well, here at Simpl3 HR we make that vision a reality!

Each contract, policy, and even general administration is drafted by a qualified expert, bespoke to your business freeing you up to do what you do best, which is run and grow your business.

There are 3 broad areas we concentrate on to protect you as a client, click here for further information.

At Simpl3 HR we strive for one thing; to make your life, Simpl3.

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If you would like any help, support or advice then why not call us on 01709 640 013, or alternatively email us at hello@s3hr.co.uk for a non-obligatory chat.